How do I select the right Kemmerer?

For general sampling:
1200, 1204, 1220, 1230 - E32 kits: These range from 0.4 - 3.2 L and are constructed of 316 SS with polyurethane seals.
1200-C12 kits: 1.2 L and is constructed of transparent acrylic with polyurethane end seals.
For drum sampling and confined areas:
1204-E32, 1204-E42 kit: Small, compact bottles only 7.4” (187 mm) in length, designed especially to fit in small areas.
For trace organic sampling:
1204-E42, 1200-E42, 1200-G32, 1295-B32 kit: 1.2 L, 316 SS with teflon or silicone end seals; or all-Teflon bodies and seals. These can sample industrial solvents, strong acids and bases and other corrosive chemicals at temperatures to 450°F. Includes cable.

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